An avid golfer herself, Erin Gregory understands the challenges organizations face planning and executing successful golf events while appealing to a new generation of golfer. 

"We now live in an experience-driven market, where the success of a golf event highly depends on the emotional takeaway each golfer leaves with." 

- Erin Gregory

As a former Event Planner and Executive Assistant to top industry executives, Erin has compiled her 13 years of cross-industry experience and passion for golf tournaments into Private Collection Consulting. 

Having successfully grown and executed her own golf tournament since 2012, Erin pours her deep-rooted love of entertainment, relationships, and creative juices into each and every client she works with.


Using her degree in Communications with an emphasis in leadership strategies for the marketplace, Erin has managed both internal and external engagement operations, overseeing organizational development initiatives for businesses nationwide.  Knowing that the consulting world is ever-changing, Erin continues to gather new and relevant information to support her clients and their growth.


It is the positive, long-lasting business relationships Erin has developed over the years that she values the most.  This “relationship first” philosophy paired with her passion for club success is the heart of her consulting. At the end of the day, she is grateful to give back to a sports community that has given so much to her.

In addition to each clients initiatives, Erin fulfills her passion for philanthropy by serving on the executive board of the Chris Rule Foundation raising funds for mental health awareness. .

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